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The December issue of Human magazine features a detailed and insightful analysis of an extremely important issue for today's businesses: the retention and value of human capital through consultancy services. To enrich this discussion, we have drawn on the views of two renowned experts in the field of human resources: Vânia Esteves, Executive Director, and Beatriz Portas, Recruitment Coordinator & HR Consultant.

In an increasingly competitive and dynamic labour market, retaining talent has become a strategic priority for organisations. Recruitment consultants have emerged as a key partner, offering solutions that go beyond traditional recruitment and selection processes. According to Vânia Esteves, consultancy acts as an essential facilitator, "enabling companies to identify, develop and retain their talents, aligning them with the organisation's objectives and culture". To illustrate the effectiveness of consultancy in valuing human capital, the magazine presents some success stories of companies that have transformed their HR policies with the help of specialist consultants. Our experts also discuss future trends in the sector, such as the digitalisation of HR processes and the growing importance of employer branding.


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